It came as a surprise, and as an enormous new source of inspiration, when Professor Satya Pal Bindra from Misurata University, a long time organizer, expressed the willingness to organize for Moving Planet at such a tumultuous period in Libya’s history. “We are making sure that our new Libyan political leaders get the message that our community is aware and getting prepared to move beyond fossil fuels,” is Dr. Satya’s view on why it is important for Libya to be part of this global day. 

Dr. Bindra and a team of Libyan professors and engineers in Tripoli, Garabouli and Nalut will be spreading the word about the need for a fossil fuel-free future through presentations as well as coordinating with schools to have rallies at a local solar field to show that Libya’s energy systems need not be tied to oil.

Across our region we are getting ourselves unstuck from decades of an unjust status quo. A big part of that now is to set on a new course of low-carbon development that takes us beyond fossil fuels and towards a safe climate. It’s an honor to be a part of this movement with our brothers and sisters around the world making this movement move, and it’s an inspiration to work together with dedicated leaders such as Dr. Bindra and his team in Libya.

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