• The massive tropical storm Cyclone Pam is the first category 5 storm to make landfall since Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in 2013.>>
  • The island nation of Vanuatu was hit around 10 pm Feb 13, with winds at 250 km/hr. Also impacted Tuvalu and Kiribati.>>  Was 1 of 4 tropical storms in the West Pacific.>>
  • For Pacific Islanders already experiencing the impacts of climate change, this is a heavy catastrophe. Follow 350 Pacific to see more about this ongoing problem.>> To learn more about the climate crisis in the Pacific and the response needed for island nations read this. >>
  • To share a message of solidarity, post on social media with #PrayForThePacific and see other responses here. >>
  • Donate to the recovery.>>
  • Check out the on-ground-report from the Vanuatu team >>

Follow our live blog for ongoing updates. 350 Vanuatu Coordinator Isso Nihmei is courageously doing relief work as well as sharing info from the ground.

*All times in local times in Vanuatu.

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