Action Network is a feature-packed digital organising tool that provides for free to approved local groups and campaigns.

You can publish actions to the public, such as a petition, an event RSVP form for a meeting, a fundraising form to collect money for an upcoming campaign, or a letter campaign to enable people activists to contact elected officials.

These tools will help your group grow by letting you host your own petitions, create event pages that automatically appear on the 350 and Fossil Free maps and communicate with your supporters and members easily via the email tool.

For more information on what Action Network is, and what benefits it has for your local group look at the Introduction to Action network slides.

Introduction to Action Network

Apply for an Action Network account

To use 350’s Action Network account you must be an affiliated local group or Fossil Free campaign.

If your group isn’t already affiliated with 350 you can find out more about affiliating with 350 here.

If you already are an affiliated local group you can apply for Action Network right now.

Digital Tools Application for Affiliated Groups

Using Action Network

Once you have your group, our Action Network guide will walk your through the process of setting up your account and mastering the basics of the tool.

Read the Action Network Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for a “group” within the network?

If you’re an approved 350 local group (have agreed to the organizing manifesto & are featured on the map of local groups), we can create a group for you within the network. You should have an active team dedicated to maintaining engaging, high-quality mailing list content, including team members with a reasonably high degree of digital literacy and good writing skills.

Who owns the data? How do people unsubscribe?

You own your data. You contact your signups on your schedule about your own campaigns, projects, and events (subject to below guidelines). If you choose to leave the network at any point, you can download your list and take it elsewhere.

Likewise, subscribers to the network are also signed up for’s mailing list, and we also own the data we collect.

Action Network manages unsubscribe flows for each group separately — that is, when a user signs up through a petition under your group, they are subscribed to both your mailing list and the mailing list. If they want to unsubscribe from those mailing lists, they can and must do so separately.

What are the conditions for being part of the network?

Good question. In general, we try to be fairly hands-off in terms of your group and mailing list management, but we do have a few conditions & guidelines we’ll need you to agree to. Data protection and privacy is really important, and we ask that you read and agree to the data protection agreement before  using the platform here.

Read the Action Network Usage and Data Protection Agreement

Use of the 350 Local Group Network denotes agreement with these guidelines.