Pacific Climate Warriors and Yeb Saño


12 Pacific Climate Warriors representing Pacific will be joining Yeb Saño and his team of Pilgrims walking from Foligno into Assisi, Rome this weekend.

Yeb Saño, the former Filipino climate ambassador, and inspiration for Fast for the Climate is leading the People’s Pilgrimage.

Throughout this year, Yeb has been travelling to places at the heart of the climate crisis- across India and Asia and is now embarking on a 1500 KM walk from Rome to Paris.

The Pacific Climate Warriors, hot off their time at the Alternatiba in Paris, are joining Yeb and a group of pilgrims for three days, walking and carrying with them their people from the Pacific, and the hopes and prayers for their island homes.

Yeb Saño before heading off on the walk.


On the 2nd of October, the Peoples Pilgrimage received its blessing from the Pope in the Vatican. In a blog written about that moment, Yeb stated that he was in utter disbelief.

“I was going to tell him so many things about thanking him for his courage and leadership on the climate issue and that our group of pilgrims would be carrying the encyclical to Paris. But no words came out of my mouth. Instead, I reciprocated his grip on my hand and tears welled in my eyes.”

On the opportunity to be part of the Pilgrimage, Koreti Tiumalu, Pacific Coordinator for said that this was the opportune moment to show solidarity before world leaders met for COP in Paris.

“We are marching with the Pilgrims to show the interconnectedness of the climate crisis and the stand in solidarity with people all over the world hoping for a fair, just, legally binding agreement out of COP21 that will ensure the survival of the small island states.”

“We are excited to be part of this moment because we have a deep respect for the Peoples Pilgrimage and, it is a great opportunity for us to call on world leaders to move away from fossil fuels and commit to a just transition towards renewable energy.”

The People’s Pilgrimage will end in December 2015 during the UN COP21 climate talks in Paris.

The Peoples Pilgrimage, led by Yeb Saño, head off on their 15km walk.

The Peoples Pilgrimage, led by Yeb Saño, head off on their 15km walk.

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