September 9, 2020 condemns arrests of environmentalists at peaceful protests in Belarus

Since the presidential elections in the Republic of Belarus on August 9, mass peaceful protests have taken place in the country against the numerous violations of the electoral process. The protests have been brutally suppressed with thousands of pro-democracy campaigners being arrested. There are wide allegations of human rights abuses occurring to those that have been detained., The Belarusian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, the Green Network coalition of environmental organizations and the NGO EcoDom strongly condemn the unjustified and illegal detention on September 5 and 6 

“What is happening in Belarus is absolutely unacceptable, members of civil society groups are being abducted on the streets and in their own homes, harassed, imprisoned and subjected to legal proceedings that have nothing to do with the law and justice. Unprecedented lawlessness and state violence is taking place in Belarus, which threatens the entire European community and the very institution of human rights in Europe. We demand that the EU and the UN respond appropriately,” says Svitlana Romanko, EECCA director

Those detained include:

Andrey Egorov:  Political scientist and civic activist, chairman of the Coordination Committee of the Belarusian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, member of the Green Network Council and member of the Coordination Council initiated by Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.

Andrei Yegorov was kidnapped by unknown people on the street on Sunday, September 6, during a peaceful protest. His current location is unknown.

Irina Sukhy: Chairwoman of the Green Network Council and representative of the NGO Ecodom, leader of the public campaign against the Ostrovets Nuclear Power Plant and one of the most authoritative environmental activists in Belarus.

Irina was abducted by people in civilian clothes from her home before the start of the Sunday march and placed in the Sovetskiy district police department of Minsk.

An illegal search was carried out in Irina’s apartment. Representatives of law enforcement agencies refused to introduce themselves and did not provide any documents as a basis for inspecting the home. During these events, only the 93-year-old mother of Irina was present in the apartment, her daughters were denied presence during the examination.

Anastasia Zakharevic:  Journalist of the Green Portal, the Green Network media resource. Anastasia was abducted by people in civilian clothes on Saturday 5 September. She was charged with participating in an unauthorized mass event.