February 28, 2018

“Show Us the Science” on Kinder Morgan Approval – Parliament Disruptors Demand

Climate activists disrupt Question Period, call on Justin Trudeau to release evidence backing his pipeline promises

Ottawa, ON – Earlier today, two Ottawa area residents disrupted Question Period in the House of Commons demanding that Justin Trudeau and his government release evidence behind their claims that the Kinder Morgan pipeline is safe for the BC coast, compatible with Canada’s climate commitments and in line with their promises on Indigenous Rights.

“According to Justin Trudeau, this pipeline is spill-proof, climate safe, and compatible with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how,” said Katie Perfitt, an organizer with the global climate change campaign 350.org . “If this government wants people to believe them, they need to show their work, they need to show us the science.”

The two stood up shortly after 3:00 when Perfitt made a short statement.

“Excuse me, Prime Minister Trudeau? You say that the Kinder Morgan pipeline is safe for the climate, the BC coast, and respects Indigenous Rights. Where’s the proof? Show us the science.”

They were quickly removed by Parliamentary security.

“Climate scientists have said that Kinder Morgan doesn’t fit with our climate goals, oil spill experts have told us a spill in the Pacific Ocean is all but inevitable and Indigenous peoples are currently fighting this project’s approval in court,” Daniel Cayley-Daoust, a Gatineau resident who unfurled a banner reading ‘#ShowUsTheScience on Kinder Morgan’ in the House of Commons, explained. “Either Justin Trudeau isn’t telling us something, or he’s simply putting our climate, the coast and Indigenous rights in jeopardy for crass political gain.”

The disruption was part of an ongoing campaign, with thousands having signed an online petition calling for Justin Trudeau to release the science and evidence behind his approval of the Kinder Morgan pipeline by March 5th.

“Justin Trudeau was a school teacher, so he should understand the necessity of showing your work,” Perfitt added. “We need to see the evidence, and if Trudeau doesn’t release it by March 5th, we’re going to be forced to try and find it ourselves.”


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