What do you get when you mix 350 with South Africa’s Field Band Foundation (and a bit of cardboard and a cellphone cam)? This sweet little vid, that’s what!

The Field Band Foundation works to improve the lives of South Africa’s poorest kids by giving them musical training — and a whole lot more. The kids you see making a 350 formation in the video are in the Anglo American Tsantsabane Band, from the small town of Postmasburg. Some of them are HIV-positive, but band leader Paul Mathebula told us that with the help of the FBF they are able to access proper medication and stay healthy.

350.org volunteers who hung out with the bands during their national championship competition day in Johannesburg (where this movie was filmed) came away fully inspired, as are the 350.org staff beavering away in the New York offices in anticipation of the biggest of Big Days. Oct 24 already has over 4,000 actions registered in 170 countries! Where will you be on Saturday?

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