When 350.org was formed in 2009, we thought that if we built a global climate movement through days of action we could force governments to act to ensure that carbon dioxide remains below 350 parts per million in the atmosphere. When climate talks between international governments failed, we realized that politicians won’t budge unless we push them into action with more pressure, from more people. To change everything, we need everyone.


2020 has taught us that immediate action can be taken when met with unprecedented crises. The world responded to the COVID pandemic in a way that we must also respond to the climate crisis: with boldness and urgency. In 2021, we’re going after the lifeblood of the fossil fuel industry, and to end them within the next decade, we need to think big. We need to continue the momentum we’ve created of the past 10 years and inspire and motivate people to join the climate movement.

How exactly are we going to achieve this ambitious goal? By focussing on these three key interventions that are stronger when used together:

1. No fossil fuel projects anywhere

In the past 10 years, we’ve stopped massive fossil fuel projects and will continue those fights. Now is also the time to move beyond stopping individual pipelines, coal mines and wells into securing moratoriums on massive fossil fuel reserves, widespread fracking bans and coal phase-outs.



2. Cut off finance flows to the fossil fuel industry

We need to take divestment to the next level and stop the flow of money that’s funding fossil fuel infrastructure. We will continue to support grassroots resistance at infrastructure projects around the world and aim to highlight the connection to the banks and insurers that make these projects possible. This means a new way of doing business across our societies and an end to all investments, loans, and insurance for the fossil fuel industry.

3. Advocating for an inclusive transition to renewable energy & social justice for all

This just transition looks different everywhere, from a Green New Deal and Climate Reparations, to communities leading the transition to renewable energy, and an international recovery from COVID-19 that puts people’s health and economic stability before the interests of corporations.



You’re in this fight with us! If your 2021 resolutions are the same as ours (saving the planet) then here are some ways you can get in on the action.

Help stop fossil fuel finance

Join us as we work to turn off the money tap to fossil fuels, much of which is funded by public money – YOUR money. As the world mobilises to begin an economic recovery from the effects of the COVID pandemic, we’re going to make sure that any recovery packages or stimulus are directed towards a green and just recovery. We can’t go back to business as usual, it’s time we start investing in a safer future for all. Sign up here to help stop fossil fuel finance.

Get Inspired

As we launch into a new decade, with different political developments and with a shifting landscape of actors in the wider climate movement, 350.org wants to share our updated vision and inspire people everywhere to join the fight for climate justice, which means an end to the fossil fuel industry. The only way we will be strong enough to put pressure on governments and stand up to the fossil fuel industry is if we all work together. Watch and share this video to get inspired.

Continue organising safely in your communities

Much like the climate crisis, this COVID-19 outbreak challenges us to think about resilience and the communities and social solidarity we’ll all need for an uncertain future. These are unprecedented times, and people around the world have found creative and innovating ways to continue putting the pressure on our leaders, demanding a just recovery and bold climate action. If you’re feeling a little uninspired or looking for ways to safely and effectively call for change, this Coronavirus Organising Guide is a good place to start.

Tell your story

Stories have the ability to compel people to act and stay involved. They hit people in the heart and help take situations beyond a headline or a fact, turning it into something that remains. Especially in the face of the climate crisis, we need storytellers around the world to communicate their realities, their victories, and their hopes. 

Do you want to join a community of climate storytellers? We’re going to be launching soon a new online space for anyone who wants to share their creativity to help support climate campaigning. Get inspired, get creative, and sign up for the Climate Storytellers Community.

Last year was tough and you are powerful, simply for making it through the many battles that we were faced with. In 2021, we are going to effect even greater change and bring down the systems that have, for so long, failed to prioritise people and planet. It’s going to take all of us, but we are confident and we are hopeful. Stay tuned for more ways you can get involved!

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