How Everyday People Are Fighting Trump’s Cabinet

The first thing the US Senate is doing this year is reviewing Donald Trump’s Cabinet picks — including the climate deniers he chose for every major environment and energy related position. On January 10, there was a mass training in Washington DC to organize actions to stop Trump’s cabinet picks. We expected around 50 people, but hundreds showed up.

On January 9, thousands of people across the United States rallied at their Senators’ offices to tell them to oppose the fossil fuel industry puppets that Donald Trump nominated for his cabinet.  On January 11, more than 200 people marched through the US Capitol and rallied outside of the Dirksen Building to demonstrate mass public opposition to the appointment of recent former CEO of ExxonMobil Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State.

This fight has always been in the hands of everyday people who know that when we put up a fight, we can win. This month, we have the chance to stop people like Rex Tillerson from getting into office, and show the country what opposition to Trump and his agenda can look like.

Hear from some of the people who are participating in actions to fight Trump’s climate denier cabinet. We’re taking action now and also preparing for the work ahead. 



Charlie Jiang

“We’re in a fight now for the soul of America – and to protect millions of people that are threatened by Trump’s policies and his cabinet nominees. I just want to say that now that he’s in office, folks like me are worried about what he will do will destroy a lot of the progress that we’ve made to make this country more inclusive, more fair, more just.”



Avery Raines

“Ever since I arrived in D.C.  I feel as though I’ve been sitting idly by, watching specifically my representative John Lewis speak out against absolutely insane and rather asinine cabinet picks … and I really felt as though I needed to take action, and I needed to do so immediately.

As a youth I feel like actions such as these are particularly vital, because we need to make it clear that we are not only going to be taking up space now, but from here on out.”



Anthony Torres:

“No matter what happens with these nominations, I think it’s our responsibility to show up in our communities — make every single pipeline, every gas plant, every oil rig a battleground… and to ensure we reach those global goals for climate justice that have been laid out by our friends in frontline communities.”



Rachel Goldstein

“I think that having Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State sends a really clear message that the United States is not interested in taking action on climate change, is not interested in being part of the rest of the world which has decided that it’s really dire that we stop extracting fossil fuels and take climate change seriously.”



Adam Smith

“As a science teacher working with our nation’s youth, I see it as incredibly important to give them the type of world where they can really thrive and bring innovation to the planet. When I see the climate deniers that are wanting to be put into positions of power — it is incredibly opposed to creating an environment that is not only good for people and jobs, but our communities and the environment in general.”

Take Action

We need to keep the pressure on. We made a website to track the positions of every Senator on Trump’s climate denial cabinet — click here to see where your Senators stand, make a call to tell them to do better, and then join us for what comes next.