This year’s climate talks are over; now the work of real climate leaders begin.

3-17 November. Bonn, Germany.

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There was plenty of bold climate leadership during the UN climate talks this year — and it came from those most impacted by the climate crisis and local leaders.

This year, Fiji presided over the 23rd Conference of the Parties (COP) being held in Bonn, Germany. This was a crucial meeting in the progress of the Paris Agreement and global climate action.

With the people of the Pacific leading the way, we pushed world leaders to end the era of fossil fuels and build a just, renewable future for all.

Pacific Climate Warriors stood in solidarity with German communities who are fighting the frontlines of coal extraction with creative tactics and determination.  They stood alongside American youth representing the cities and states resisting Trump’s fossil fuel agenda and pushing for a Fossil Free world. We lifted up the voices of those facing real climate impacts.

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We pledge to create a fossil free world fast.

Join us! Thousands of us everywhere are pledging to stand up for a Fossil Free world, and call on our communities, governments and institutions – local and international – to stand with us.

Two years ago in Paris, France, the world’s governments made an historic pledge, to protect our common home, and keep it at a livable temperature. But their actions have not matched those words. Countries continue to approve new coal, oil and gas projects, and funnel billions into fossil fuels.

So it’s up to us to stand up to the corrupt fossil fuel industry and their political and financial allies and make real the change we seek. Our aspirations are global, and it’s going to take all of us acting together locally, to create the Fossil Free world we need.

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Teams and Actions

The Pacific Climate Warriors

Have Your Sei

Pacific Islanders showcased their strength and determination in the lead up to and during COP23. For over two weeks in Bonn, the Pacific Climate Warriors shared their powerful truths and resilient cultures through a series of events, direct actions, performances, and more. They continue to organize communities across their islands to demand strong climate action. Over 23,000 people showed solidarity by signing their Declaration on Climate Change, which was delivered to Pacific leaders during COP23.

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Actions in Germany

Actions in and around Bonn brought the voices of ordinary people, not polluters, to the negotiations. We showed the gaping hole between Germany's climate rhetoric, and its coal-burning reality. Fossil fuel companies pose a direct threat to homes and people from the Pacific to the Rhineland, just around the corner from where the climate talks took place.

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United States

The U.S. People's Delegation

Everyday Americans will show up where their politicians won’t. At COP23 a delegation of frontline communities, indigenous communities, communities of color, youth, advocates, and policymakers, pushed for climate action on the city and state level despite the U.S withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement and recent rollbacks on climate protections.

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The Pacific Climate Warriors
Ende Gelände action May 2016