350.org provides digital tools to affiliated local groups to help them grow their group, run campaigns and reach more people in their community.

If you are a local group who would like to use any of these digital tools, click here to apply.

Action Network

Action Network is a digital organising tool set (built and maintained by a non-profit of the same name). It gives groups the ability to run their own petitions, create event RSVP pages and send their own emails.

Find out more about Action Network

Baseline WordPress theme & world website network

The word.350.org website network was built to enable local 350 groups to create and manage their own websites. Baseline is the WordPress theme that is used on those sites and is designed to be a flexible foundation for many types of website.

Local groups that need a website can use the world.350.org platform to build a great looking, flexible website for free.

Check out the world.350.org website template


The Megamap is a way for people to easily find groups and events near them. All 350 local groups and campaigns are added to the map and if your group is using Action Network, all of your events are automatically added to the map, making it easier for your group to recruit new people.

Check out the 350 Map