Financial Data

Photo: Teagan Glenane

2019 Financials

2019 Revenue

2019 2018
28% Grants & Foundations $4,098,117 $8,701,657
71% Individual Donations $10,459,730 $10,318,691
1% Other Income $274,659 $17,140
Total $14,832,506 $19,037,488

2019 Expenses

2019 2018
78% Program Services $19,908,884 $13,218,217
18% Management & General $4,649,692 $2,548,536
4% Fundraising $890,628 $662,835
Total $25,449,204 $16,429,588

Liabilities and Net Assets

2019 2018
Liabilities $2,926,055 $2,236,312
Net Assets $3,295,229 $13,911,925
Total Assets $6,221,284 $16,148,232

Net Asset Breakdown

2019 2018
Unrestricted $1,517,325 $10,357,530
Temporarily Restricted $1,777,904 $3,554,395
Net Assets $3,295,229 $13,911,925

NOTE: We are in the midst of the most massive opportunity for climate action that we have seen since we started In anticipation of this moment, we decided to go big and spend down on our reserves to fight the climate crisis, recruiting organizers on every continent and the tech capacity we needed to ensure the youth climate strikers were supported to launch with the most impact possible. Revenue fell below our expectations at the same time.


In addition to individual donations,’s work in Fiscal Year 2019 was generously supported by the following foundations:

  • Aaron Rashti Family Foundation
  • Ad Hoc Foundation, Inc.
  • Albuquerque Community Foundation, The Ties Fund
  • Andrew J. and Anita G. Frankel Family Foundation
  • Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
  • Anonymous Donor of the Bessemer Trust Company
  • Anonymous Fund at the Bozeman Area Community Foundation
  • Anonymous Fund at the Seattle Foundation
  • Anonymous Fund of the Boston Foundation
  • Anonymous Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
  • Anonymous Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey
  • Arkay Foundation
  • Asis Foundation
  • BDH Foundation, In Honor of Sage Timberline
  • Beilfuss Family Advised Fund at the Rochester Area Community Foundation
  • Bell Family Fund at the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington
  • Bonnie and Peter Reagan Fund at the Oregon Community Foundation
  • Bonnie Cooper Charitable Fund, The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina
  • Bridge Fund, Tides Foundation
  • Bullfrog Fund of the Community Foundation Serving Boulder County
  • Byrd Borland Foundation
  • Carleton College Responsible Endowment Fund at the Triskeles Foundation
  • Caroline Blanton Thayer Charitable Trust
  • Charles Spear Charitable Foundation
  • Chateau Seaview Charitable Fund at the East Bay Community Foundation
  • Climate Ride
  • Clinton Family Fund in honor of Macarthur McBurney and Family
  • CMR Foundation
  • Colby Charitable Fund of the Boston Foundation
  • Common Ground Foundation at the Seattle Foundation
  • Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, Anonymous Donor
  • Compton Foundation
  • Cornell Charitable Fund of the Marin Community Foundation
  • Cornet Creek Foundation
  • Cream Hill Foundation
  • Crowell Family Foundation
  • Currents Private Foundation
  • Dale and Alice Ballard Charitable Foundation Trust
  • Davis/Dauray Family Fund
  • Donald and Susan Wilson Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation
  • Donald C. Brace Foundation
  • Driesen Charitable Fund of the Central New York Community Foundation
  • EcoEd Foundation
  • Elizabeth H. and James R. Cornwell Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation
  • Elliott Badgley Foundation
  • Emmons-Bradlee Family Foundation
  • ENEE Philanthropic Fund, Long Island Community Foundation, New York Community Trust
  • Erica Lewis and Rick Erickson, Seed Fund, St. Louis Community Foundation
  • Euler-Revaz Family Foundation
  • European Climate Foundation
  • Fair Share Fund of the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County
  • Fink Family Fund of the Essex County Community Foundation
  • FJC: A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds
  • Flora Family Foundation
  • Forney Family Foundation
  • Fountain Fund, Vermont Community Foundation
  • Frahn Family Fund of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation in honor of Anna Goldstein
  • Franciscan Sisters of Mary
  • Franklin H. Moore & Nancy S. Moore Foundation
  • Franklin Philanthropic Foundation
  • Frazier Family Giving Fund at the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
  • FThree Foundation
  • Geenen-Stewart Fund of the Baltimore Community Foundation
  • Gerald L. Lennard Foundation
  • Goldman Environmental Prize
  • Gould Family Foundation
  • Grace Jones Richardson Trust
  • Gramatica parda Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
  • Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment
  • Gratch Family Fund of the Evanston Community Foundation
  • Greater Washington Community Foundation, Anonymous Donor
  • Green Heron Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga
  • Growald Family Fund
  • Hamill Family Foundation
  • Hammond Family Foundation
  • Harold K. Raisler Foundation
  • Harry T. Wilks Family Foundation
  • Heising-Simons Foundation, Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • Hellman Family Fund
  • Hirshan Family Foundation
  • Howard and Geraldine Polinger Foundation
  • Jarvey McCord Foundation
  • Jay and Jennifer Mills Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga
  • Jean Kaplan Fund of the Mayer and Morris Kaplan Family Foundation
  • JEMP-D Foundation
  • Jim and Patty Rouse Charitable Foundation
  • Jon and Katherine Dart Family Foundation
  • Jonathan C.S. Cox Family Foundation
  • Juan M. Cordova Foundation
  • Julio R. Gallo Foundation
  • Kalan Foundation
  • Karl and Alice Ruppenthal Foundation for the Arts
  • Kendeda Sustainability Fund
  • Ker-Seymer Family Foundation
  • Kwong Rubin Fund of the Rochester Area Community Foundation
  • Kyra and David Robinov Fund at the Triskeles Foundation
  • Lawrence Michels Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County
  • Leila and Mickey Straus Family Foundation
  • Lenfestey Family Foundation
  • LeRoss Family Foundation
  • Libra Foundation
  • Little Big Fund at the Rockefeller Family Fund
  • Living Springs Foundation
  • Louis and Anne Abrons Foundation
  • Lucille Ellis Simon Foundation
  • Lumpkin Family Foundation
  • Lutz Fund
  • M&T Fantastic Family Foundation
  • Madison Community Foundation
  • Mads and Susan Bjerre Charitable Fund of the California Community Foundation
  • Maisel Foundation
  • Marana Webber Tost Fund, Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation
  • Marisla Foundation
  • Martha Fay Africa Family Fund at the Tides Foundation
  • Marx Family Fund, a fund of The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County
  • Maurice S. Surlow Memorial Fund, Milwaukee Jewish Federation
  • Maxi Fuxjager Foundation
  • May Foundation
  • Maytum Leddy Family Fund at the San Francisco Foundation
  • McCutcheon Foundation
  • McNabb Charitable Fund, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
  • Michl Fund of The Community Foundation of Boulder County
  • Milner Family Foundation
  • Mohit-Blachford Family Foundation
  • Naktenis Family Foundation
  • Nash Foundation
  • Nathan Cummings Foundation
  • Newman’s Own Foundation
  • Noblelight Foundation
  • Oak Foundation
  • Our Part (formerly Jill Soffer Family Foundation)
  • Overbrook Foundation
  • Paul & Edith Babson Foundation
  • Paul Hellman Foundation
  • Pay It Forward Fund, Vermont Community Foundation
  • Pedersen Family Foundation
  • Perkins Family Trust
  • Pond Family Foundation
  • R&S Strauss Family Foundation
  • Ray and Tye Noorda Foundation
  • Reis Family Foundation
  • Repass-Rodgers Family Foundation
  • Ressler Family Foundation
  • Richard and Annette Bloch Family Foundation Fund at the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
  • Richard and Rachel Fund of the New Mexico Community Foundation
  • Robert & Elizabeth Fergus Foundation
  • Room and Board Foundation
  • Rosen Family Foundation
  • Rosencrans Family Foundation
  • Roxbury Fund, New York Community Trust
  • Rubin Family Foundation
  • Salon Family Foundation
  • Sandpiper Fund
  • Schatz Family Foundation
  • Seidman Family Foundation
  • Seltzer Family Foundation
  • Seymour and Sylvia Rothchild Family 2004 Charitable Foundation
  • Sheila, Dave and Sherry Gold Foundation
  • Shirley & David Allen Foundation
  • Shlenker Block Fund, Houston Jewish Community Foundation
  • Shumaker Family Foundation
  • Siegel Family Foundation
  • Silver Tie Fund
  • Simeon and Jean H. Locke Charitable Foundation
  • Sinbad Fund, Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation
  • Smith & Wilcox Blue Skies Foundation
  • Sobrato Family Foundation
  • Spencer Bownstone Gallery
  • Stanley Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey
  • Starfish Foundation at the Seattle Foundation
  • Stevenson-Cannon Family Fund of the Community Foundation Serving Boulder County
  • Stuyvesant-Bard Fund at the Triskeles Foundation
  • Sunny Knoll Fund of the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
  • Support provided by Metabolic Studio
  • Susan Crown Exchange, Catalyst Fund
  • Suwinski Family Foundation
  • Ted and Ruth Johnson Family Foundation
  • Temple Family Private Foundation
  • The Abelow Family Foundation
  • The B & W Family Foundation
  • The Clowes Fund
  • The Doreen L. Brown Family Charitable Foundation
  • The Douglass Foundation
  • The Dudley Foundation
  • The Frank Pace, Jr. Foundation
  • The Jelks Family Foundation
  • The Louis Berkowitz Family Foundation
  • The Mennonite Foundation
  • The Morris and Jeanette Kessel Fund
  • The Patriot Foundation
  • The Pill Maharam Family Fund
  • The Rothschild Family Charitable Foundation
  • The Rudolph J. and Daphne A. Munzer Foundation
  • The Schaffner Family Foundation
  • The Shifting Foundation
  • The Sims/Maes Foundation
  • The Social Justice Charitable Foundation
  • The Streisand Foundation
  • The Susan and Ford Schumann Foundation
  • The Tilia Fund
  • The Whinsome Lass Fund of the The Cleveland Foundation in honor of Robin Petersen-Rockney
  • The Workable Alternatives Foundation
  • Tides Foundation
  • Tortuga Foundation
  • Treeline Foundation
  • Tudor Family Foundation
  • Twig Foundation
  • Wallace Global Fund
  • Walter Putter and Marilyn Smith Fund at the Central New York Community Foundation
  • Waskow Slater Family Fund of the Evanston Community Foundation
  • Weissman Family Foundation
  • WestWind Foundation
  • Whatcom Community Foundation
  • White Cedar Fund of Tides Foundation
  • Wilcox-Berteel Family Fund at the Triangle Community Foundation
  • Williams Family Foundation
  • Wrocklage Family Charitable Foundation
  • Wy’east Foundation
  • Yaspan-Unterberg Foundation in honor of Jill Smith
  • Yellow Birch Charitable Trust
  • Zaitlin-Nienberg Family Fund

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