Ende Gelände has kicked off. The coal train tracks are blocked, the excavator has been occupied. We are keeping the coal in the ground.

This mass civil disobedience action for a fossil-fuel phase-out in the Rhineland has drawn several thousands of people, who have set out in groups (known as ‘fingers’) to the coalfields in order to sit on the tracks or go into the opencast mines.

At the moment the first three coal tracks have been blocked, and the green, orange and pink fingers have reached their destination. The red finger is the first that reached the mine. This evening and tomorrow more will set out to do the same. The participants are determined, careful, and keeping calm even when coming in contact with the police. The latter have partly cleared out the blockade and carry out some of the activists.

Although Ende Gelände only started up a few hours ago, we have already achieved a major success. We are showing the world that we are taking climate protection into our own hands, whereas politicians and corporate CEOs are not working for an energy transition, but against it.

Thousands are now in the coalfields with more fingers on their way to blockade points. Meanwhile hundreds have stayed at the camp and are working around the clock to support and make the action possible. They’re cooking and delivering food and drinks to the blockades. They’re cleaning toilets and making sure the camp has access to power. They provide legal advice and tips on dealing with the police. They give press interviews, further action trainings, are keeping the live coverage up to date, and so much more.

All these people are heroes. They are taking their days off to be at the climate camp instead of enjoying a beach holiday, they are here doing what they can. They’re doing it so that those who are already affected by climate change will not suffer further, so that their children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren will have a safe future without climate change.

Today, I was moved in particular by this photo of a mother and daughter, participating in the action together. This image represents inter-generational determination, solidarity and trust.

In this spirit, more updates from the Rhineland coming soon,



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